Virtual Board Meetings Made Simple

  • Unlimited virtual board meetings, no time limits
  • No additional costs for Virtual Meetings Pro customers
  • Seamless meeting and voting experience
  • Professional minutes at an affordable price

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A Seamless Meeting Experience

Our all-in-one meeting platform combines Zoom, the meeting documents and our voting system into a seamless and secure experience.

Access our Digital Minutes Service for as low as $250 per set of minutes.

Professional, Affordable Minutes

For as low as $250 per set of minutes, our new Digital Minutes Addon brings you professional minutes at an affordable price.

Limitless Meetings

Virtual Meeting Pro customers get unlimited access to the GetQuorum platform. That means you can run all your board meetings virtually with no limits and at no additional cost.

A virtual board meeting scheduled in a calendar service

Secure Meeting Records

Securely store meeting records in an easy to find place. Easily share with the right people when you need to.

How it works


Schedule the meeting

Log in to your GetQuorum Dashboard and schedule your meeting.


Invite attendees

Invite your board members and other guests with a simple interface. A calendar invite with a secure links to the meeting portal will be sent to all attendees.


Upload meeting documents

Upload the agenda, financials and other meeting documents at any point prior to the meeting.


Start the meeting

Start and run your virtual board meeting with the GetQuorum Integrated Portal.


Access and share records

Access the meeting reports through your GetQuorum Dashboard.


How much will the Virtual Board Meeting service cost?

The Virtual Board Meeting service will be included at no additional charge for all Virtual Meeting Pro customers.  

Do I need my own Zoom license?

Nope. With our Zoom ISV Partnership, you don’t need your own Zoom license to enjoy the full power of Virtual Board Meetings. We'll provide it for you.  

How does the Digital Minutes Service work?

Our minute takers will create professional minutes based on your meeting recording. You'll receive a notification 3-5 days after your meeting to access them via your Shared Documents on the GetQuorum Platform.

Can I use the Digital Minutes Service for other types of meetings, like AGMs or SGMs or Town halls?

Yes! Any meeting run through the GetQuorum platform can use the Digital Minutes Service. Just enable meeting recording.  

How much does the GQ Digital Minutes Service cost?

Our Digital Minutes Service starts as low as $250 per set of minutes for any meeting up to 2 hours long. Overage fees may apply.

Can I use the Digital Minutes Service outside of GetQuorum?

Not at this time. The Digital Minutes Service needs the full GetQuorum Platform to work effectively.

What happens if my minutes need to be revised?

Simply contact your Customer Success Manager and we’ll get it all sorted out for you.  

What if I already have my own minute taker?

Great! Our platform makes your minute takers' jobs easier. You can easily share the post-meeting reports and recordings with your minute taker once the meeting ends.

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